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Our team

Meet our team of enthusiasts! Children of events and open-source digital, we decided to make NOÉ a vocation.

A picture of Jules


An enthusiastic and experienced developer, Jules is also an activist for climate and social justice. He has been coordinating NOÉ since its launch in 2021, and knows the code like the back of his hand. Today, he's designing NOÉ's visual identity and contributing to the product roadmap.

A picture of Marie


A true expert of no-code tools, Marie organises and structures our digital workspaces and clarifies our internal processes. When she's not working on our tools, she's preparing a festival or gathering the needs of NOÉ users in the field.

A picture of Ancelin


From an early age, Ancelin joined the associative world and established himself as a hyperactive organiser on the cultural and activist scene in 2015. He has turned his passion for events into a profession and specialises in administration, coordination and open-source digital tools.

A picture of Pierre


A fervent advocate of a human-centered, self-organizing and iterative approach to product development, Pierre brings an operational framework and a strategic vision to NOÉ. When he's not working on features or the roadmap, you'll find him at the festival.

Our ecosystem is amazing too!

And many more...